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Since its beginning in Atlanta, Georgia in 1937, Zep’s focus has been to offer customers the widest selection of top-quality industrial cleaning products with superior personal service and professional technical support. 68 years later, Zep continues to do it better than anyone else in the industry. And we do it all over the world.

Zep has a solid presence throughout America and in the international marketplace, reaching into every major city in North America, and countries around the world on five continents. Certified as an ISO-9001 & 14001 manufacturer, Zep produces a full line of sanitation and maintenance chemicals for professional use.

More than 3,500 quality products bear the Zep name, including detergents, disinfectants, hand cleaners, degreasers, deodorants, lubricants, and floor finishes.
Zep services over 300,000 customers in a variety of industries including automotive, hospitality, food processing, car washing, government, manufacturing, institutional, and municipalities. As our partners, Zep customers enjoy the best we have to offer:
  • Trained, knowledgeable network of Zep Reps throughout the world
  • Widest product line serving diverse industries
  • Technical assistance from professional laboratory chemists
  • Fast, accurate delivery
  • Regulatory and compliance information, including MSDS’s, OSHA requirements and Hazardous material disposal procedures